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Rebounding Drills
Basketball rebounding is done on both sides of the ball: you rebound on defense to limit the other team's opportunities and their scoring. You rebound on offense to maximize your team's opportunities and score. On top of that, often times rebounding can be the difference in the game.

Double your rebounds per game by practicing these drills. Not to mention, the coach will love it when you're getting the team more possessions with your rebounding.

Taps Drill.  Throw the ball up against the backboard. As the ball comes off the backboard, jump and tip the ball with a designated hand. Continuously do this for a set amount of taps (let's say 10). On the final tap, try to score the ball. Switch to the opposite hand and do it again. Use both hands at the same time to do the drill.

Box out. That means finding an opposing player and positioning your body in between the player and the rim. In other words, when a shot goes up, don't just get low and prepare to grab a miss. Do that, but while also "boxing out" opposing players so that they'll have a harder time grabbing the rebound.
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