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Shooting Drills
Here you will find basketball shooting drills that can improve the physical aspects (like form and touch) and mental aspects (like concentration and focus) of shooting.

  These shooting drills are for:

  • beginners who want help with the fundamentals
  • players who have experience and are looking to get to the next level
  • experienced players who want that extra "edge" over the competition

Star Drill.  This drill involves shooting from 5 spots around the basket. Two players go at a time, one shooting and the other rebounding the basketball. Have players see how many baskets they can make in 60 seconds. The key to this shooting drill is to hit the shots players take, not to take a lot of wild shots and miss.

Pick and Roll.  The play begins with a defender guarding a ball handler. The ball handler moves toward a teammate, who sets a "pick” by standing in the way of the defender, who is separated from the still-moving ball handler. The defender is forced to choose between guarding the ball handler or the screener. If the defender tries to guard the ball handler, then the screener can move toward the basket, sometimes by a foot pivot ("roll"), and is now open for a pass If the defender chooses instead to guard the screening teammate, then the ball handler has an open shot. Alternatively, the ball handler may pass the ball to an open teammate. A well-executed pick and roll is the result of teamwork. 
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