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Summer Program

Connecticut Hoops Summer Program
2013 Summer Workout Program
1)Cardio (Move up as you get stronger)
a.See attached drills for Jump Rope>>>>
2)Strength (Move up as you get stronger)
a.Push Up Daily
1.10 rest 10 rest week 1
2.10 rest 10 rest 10 week 2
3.10 rest 10 rest 10 rest 10 week 3
4.10 rest 10 rest 10 rest 10 rest 10 rest of training
3)Ball Handling (Do 4 days a week)
a.Slap Ball
b.Fingertip drill
c.Wrap around ball in right hand then move to left do 20 times each direction
d.Butterfly between legs 20 times each direction
e.Ball between legs moving hands in butterfly fashion
f.Dribble ball below knee back and forth front to back each side
g.Dribble two balls back and forth
h.Spin ball on finger
i.Juggle two balls
j.Going forward dribble go behind your back
k.Going forward do across over (both hands)
l.Going forward dribble two balls
i.High low
4)Shooting (Shoot 4 times a week or more)
a.Iron Man Layup 4 times each side rest do again three times
b.From top of key Cross over at elbow 20 times
c.From Top of key Spin Move at elbow 20 times
d.Tear Drop 15 times
e.Fade in the lane 15 times
f.Bank Shot 15 times each side
g.Jump Shot 15 times each side of basket
h.Foul Shot 30 a day
i. Lay on ground shoot straight up in air 30 times a day
j. 3 point shot 15 times 5 at top 5 each on the side foul line high
5)Post Moves ( good for all players) 4 times a week
a.Back to basket Spin to middle of lane jump shot ( both Sides)
b.Back to basket spin to baseline Bank shot (both Sides)
c.Back to basket drop step toward baseline layup ( both Sides)
d.Back to basket spin to middle and hook shot ( shooting Hand)
e.Face basket Pump fake drive to hoop ( both Sides)

Play against better competition as much as you can. You do not get better beating same guys/girls over and over. Step up
Connecticut Hoops
The link above will allow you to print the practice planner. then use these goals to check your progress

Goals for the players

Scores for week

150 and above Division one
120 to 149 Division two
90 to 119 Division three
70 to 89 Junior College
40 to 69 Prep School
0 to 39 High School

Email your name and score to (honor system)


and we will post them weekly on